Bicycle Accident Boise

Statement to the police If in doubt, you should only give information about yourself and the vehicle to the police. Especially under stress shortly after the accident, one unconsciously talks about "head and collar". You have to say who you are and that you are or could be involved in the accident; how and why you do not have to say. evidence Get a bicycle accident attorney Boise


For your own records, you should note down the addresses and personal details of witnesses. It also makes sense to photograph the scene of the accident. Thanks to modern smartphones, almost everyone has a camera with them; if in doubt, even a small compact camera in the glove box can do a good job. Hepworth Holzer, LLP is a personal injury law firm based out of Boise.


Ideally, the scene of the accident is photographed both in a general overview and from the point of view of the vehicles involved. It is particularly helpful if the photos contain prominent points, such as lanterns or buildings. In this way, distances and distances can be calculated afterward. Take care when creating the photographs on the flowing traffic and do not put yourself in additional danger in Boise.

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