Brain Injuries in Las Vegas

Claims for brain damage * Brain damage is a trauma that leads to the destruction of brain cells. If a brain injury occurs in a situation where it could have been avoided, it is necessary to contact a Las Vegas brain injury lawyer in order to take legal action. Time to initiate legal proceedings in connection with damage to health * is strictly defined. In a claim for damages for brain injury *, potentially lifelong consequences and their impact on the quality of life of the victim should be taken into account. In Las Vegas, brain injuries happen often.


Types of Brain Damage – Traumatic brain injury is caused by external forces such as a physical assault, road collision or a strong head hit after a fall. A mild traumatic injury can lead to temporary brain cell dysfunction. More serious traumatic brain injury can result in bruising, bleeding, brain damage or death. If you have experienced any of the symptoms of these health impairments *, you are likely to be entitled to claim a brain injury *. Acquired brain damage (ABI) Acquired brain damage is a sudden and unexpected event that causes brain damage. It is not related to genetic defects. It occurs at the cellular level, most often because of stress on the brain.


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