Construction work accident

Construction safety is one of the things that a company and a worker should consider with utmost care. Construction work Accidents are after all, unexpected and can strike anyone in any possible way. These untoward situations can lead to debilitating injuries, even the loss of life and the company, as the law suggests, should compensate the aggravated party for the injuries. Here are the common construction work accidents that you should be wary of in no particular order. Slips and Trips Accidents.


This is one of the most common. They hazards that contribute to these accidents include a wet floor, a cable wire, or a dent on the floor. Compensation for these types of accidents may vary depending on the level of injury the person gained as well as other factors. Falling From Heights Accidents. These cases happen mostly at construction sites where workers are seen dangling on the side of the building. Los Angeles Workers who suffer these types of accidents are also entitled to wage loss as they sometimes end up staying long in hospitals away from work.


Full compensation should cover the injury. Electrocution Accidents. Construction sites these days make total use of electricity and every worker will be at risk from these types of accidents. Whether due to faulty wiring or bad equipment, these accidents can cause burns to the worker. It can even burn the whole workplace down. To get compensation, it’s important that all details are accounted for and presented to the right authorities.  This is why you need a Los Angeles construction work accident.


Objects Falling Accidents. They can happen anywhere but are more common in construction sites as tools and other debris from top floors can fall on a person and cause injury. Wearing hard hats is important but it should be noted that tools and other heavy equipment must be kept with care in order to prevent these accidents from happening. Accidents at construction site accidents can be helped by Joe, Southard & Yeoh, LLP a worker's compensation law firm in Los Angeles. You don’t need to depend on compensation; remember that even though you are well compensated, injuries can give you permanent injuries.

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