How You Should Handle a Driving under the Influence Offense

Driving under the influence is a crime that many people in Los Angeles will find themselves under arrest for. The Kestenbaum Law Group can help people who have been charged and need a criminal defense. Many arrests have procedural flaws in which a field sobriety test was administered incorrectly. Some people naturally do not have good balance due to underlying medical reasons so the test might make a police officer think that someone is impaired when they are not.

A criminal defense attorney will also check to make sure that the blood alcohol content test machine was working properly. Because these machines can give out faulty readings, it is important for a lawyer to check over the records for the machine and the officer that administered the test. This can help defendants fight the DUI charge so that they do not have a blemish on their criminal record going forward. Contact the Kestenbaum Law Group for more information about DUI defense.

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