Learn More About the Various Types of Spousal Support in Tampa

A divorce comes along with many issues for you to understand. One of such dispute is the spousal support. Here, a spouse with good financial resources offers support to the other low earning partner for an agreed period of time. Make sure you have a qualified Tampa family lawyer on your side. 


There are three main types of spousal support in which you should hire a spousal support attorney Tampa.


This type of support is given on a temporary basis while the divorce case is still undergoing. Once the divorce reaches its end, then the alimony is automatically terminated.



This support is aimed at assisting one spouse to pursue their educational goals in order to be self-reliant in the future. Before one can be awarded this alimony, one has to provide the precise duration of the educational program plus the money required.


It enables one to change their status from married to single. The alimony is only applicable for a specific period. In most cases, this alimony goes to a maximum of two years



Its only given to short-term marriages. The support applies only where other supports are insufficient. Permanent

It applies when there is proof that the other spouse will never become self-sufficient on the future

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