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A brain injury is caused by the Destruction of brain tissue. Cause can be an illness or an accident. Known terms in connection with a Brain injuries are stroke, cerebral hemorrhage and cranio cerebral trauma. But also inflammatory Diseases of the brain and tumours are part of the clinical picture of "brain injury". The Effects of a brain injury range from hardly detectable impairment to to death in the early phase. In the early stages, it is often impossible to predict whether and how affected persons will survive; whether and if so, which long-term consequences occur. Because destroyed nerve cells do not grow back, a brain injury is not undone. Thanks to the plasticity of the brain. Thanks to the plasticity of the brain (ability to take over certain functions through other brain areas) is possible through years of targeted exercise. Experience shows the first two years after a brain injury, the greatest progress has been made in the development of After that, improvements are still possible. After that, improvements are still possible, but less than in the beginning. In order to make progress, people with brain injuries need time and the support of specially trained specialists. Legal questions Do I need a brain injury lawyer? What is yours and how do you enforce your rights? The personal injury lawyers at Marks Law Group, LLC in Atlanta, have in-depth knowledge of social security law and are happy to advise you. Where necessary, they provide you with a lawyer or solicitor with the necessary experience. This is especially recommended for accident-related brain injuries that have liability consequences.

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