Paternity attorneys

Paternity is an issue that some unmarried parents struggle with, leading many to seek the counsel of an attorney who specializes in such cases. Understanding paternity and what it means is the first step in solving any problems or finding answers to questions that parents may have. The word ‘paternity’ refers to establishing the identity of the father of a child whose parents are not married. Specific laws may pertain to unmarried parents in each state, and these may vary from state to state, so it gets a little confusing for couples or individuals going at it alone. For this reason, legal counsel is often a necessity for some parents who would be lost otherwise.


Each state has certain legal steps that parents must take to establish the father of a child. Men in this situation should not forget that they have certain legal rights in this process and should take steps to protect them.


Understanding one’s own rights and how to protect them is important and may require the assistance of a lawyer. However, a father who has a child born outside of marriage may not have the same rights and/or responsibilities as a father whose child was born in marriage.


Speaking to Anton Legal Group professional is the best way to obtain information and take the necessary steps to establish paternity. This can be an important issue for mothers looking to collect child support or for fathers who would like to obtain the same rights as fathers who have children in marriage. When paternity is established, the father may be able to address certain issues such as custody and visitation rights.


Establishing paternity is also important in determining if the child has inherited any health risks or diseases. Knowing who the father is, and who the members of the child’s immediate family are, may be important for medical reasons such as if the child needs a transplant at some point in their life. Citizenship and benefits issues may also be resolved when paternity is established, so understanding all of the necessary steps in doing so can be helpful.


The laws may vary slightly or significantly from state to state, so seeking an attorney who specializes in, or is very familiar with, paternity issues can be helpful for unmarried parents struggling with questions or concerns. Once paternity is established, both parents may enjoy greater benefits, rights or responsibilities that are only possible once this is completed. If you are facing such issues contact and experienced paternity attorney today.




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