A DUI Layer in Washington D.C.

This law firm wants to ensure that you know they never condone drinking and driving, no matter the circumstances. There are so many ways you can avoid drinking and driving in this day. There are ride share services that will pick you up and make sure you are not drinking and driving, you have a device in your pocket that allows you to call a cab, your friends, a family member to come and pick you up instead. It will never be okay to drink and drive because you are putting so many other people at risk. Lotze Mosley LLP a criminal law firm in Washington D.C. believe you should not drink and drive, but also that if it happens you deserve representation.


If you have been arrested or given a ticket for drinking while intoxicated, you should be reaching out to a DUI lawyer Washington D.C. This lawyer will know that if you have been charged with this you can get a license suspension, fees, and even jail time. They will be there with you to help you get a lower sentence and lower fines. You will not want to do this type of case alone, you will want a Washington D.C. lawyer to be on your side.

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