Contract Disputes Encino

Disputes concerning the validity of the contract A number of Encino disputes related to the period of a conclusion of the contract may be raised by the parties to the contract. Thus, it is in many cases to question the validity of the contract when the conclusion of it would have been vitiated by a defect of consent. In this regard, it is possible to briefly recall that, for example, the fact that a person conceals vital information about the subject of the contract and determines the consent of his co-contractor is analyzed as misconduct, described as fraud, and that may result in the nullity of the contract , in addition to damages, if any. In the same way, error and violence are vices of consent that can make the contract null and void. Hire an Encino contract disputes attorney.


As stated by your lawyer contract litigation, from business law firm in Encino Law Offices of Steven J. Horn, in addition to cases of defects of consent, failure to comply with a number of formalities, when concluding a contract, may allow for cancellation.

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