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With regard to the sale of assets, through which the liquidation of the aforementioned assets is actually carried out, the curator has instead the power to stimulate the activity of the Judge and, as regards the movable property, he then limits himself to executing the measures , as it is the delegated judge who establishes the time of sale, if this must be done to private offers or auction, and determines the relative modalities, while as regards the real estate the curator performs a merely auxiliary activity, because the sales are ordered by the same Judge. Legal Ambassadors are a legal directory website.

As regards the allocation of assets.

The activity of the curator must therefore be directed primarily to the conservation of the assets and the rights forming part of this asset base: material conservation and legal conservation (in order to avoid forfeiture or prescriptions); it must then be directed to the achievement of assets by virtue of the rights relevant to bankruptcy assets, such as the collection of receivables, the recovery of assets held by third parties, the exercise of appeals, cancellation, termination, termination of contracts , etc., Find a bankruptcy lawyer from Legal Ambassadors.

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